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I hear a lot of clients and fellow surfers ask: "What should I eat before paddling out?"

Well the answer isn't so simple, as everyone's body responds differently. Things that need to be taken into consideration are what is your overall diet is looking like, how often is food consumed, what is your metabolic type, how many beers did you drink last night?

As a surfer I understand there is nothing worse than paddling out at your favorite break in perfect conditions, make it out to the lineup, only to feel completely 'gassed out' after a short period of time.  Decreasing your wave count, and greatly affecting one's style, this can...

No gas?  Not wanting to deal with parking?  Not building or even maintaining the strength in your legs, cardiovascular endurance, nor increasing the activity level that sits below excessive post oxygen consumption (EPOC) i.e. fat burning? 

If you hinted toward yes on any of the previous you need to be riding a bicycle to your next surf session.

However, trying to ride a bicycle with surfboard in arm can be cumbersome, and even downright dangerous while navigating through the chaotic summer beach traffic.  Once a bicycle surf rack is used you'll be free to cruise safely in style; favorite board at your side. 

Riding a bike is not...